About Me




Welcome To My Spiritual Quest.

My name is Daniella and i’m happy to see that you have made it to my blog.

I have made this blog as a creative outlet, that allows me to document and share my spiritual findings. As long as I can remember I have been open to a world that goes beyond what we can see and hear with physical body. But I would say it was from about 2006 that I really took an interest in spirituality. Ever since then I have in stages taken it upon myself to learn about Angels, spirit animals, crystals and symbolism.


I named this blog “My Spiritual Quest” because for me, I feel that I am always learning, always open and continuing my quest to find and have higher understandings of myself and the spiritual world we live in. Even though this started a long time ago in my mind, I still feel like in a way, that this just beginning and I really want to share my findings with all that are interested. If you are reading this, I hope you too are open minded and I also hope you won’t judge me, though I except that its human nature to do so.

A little more about me:

I was diagnosed with M.E at the age of eleven and my sister also diagnosed with the same illness just a year later at the age of six. I have now had this for almost sixteen years and have to pace myself on a daily basis. This was a huge factor into how and why I became interested in spirituality. I live with my family still and I have two nephews of whom I adore. Honestly they have taught me so much and they are everlasting beams of light in my life. We have two dogs and a cat. Poppy the dog that my sister adopted and the eldest of the animals. Mittens the cat my sister bought into the home for my eldest nephew (he loves cats) and Koko the boxer dog that my boyfriend bought for us. He is like our little baby.

I am not new to the blogging world in fact I also have my own personal style blog LELLAVICTORIA.COM Which I started back in 2011. Style and fashion is another huge part of who I am and I hope that will also reflect in this blog too.

Well, I best save a little bit for the blog! I hope you enjoy reading and viewing it as much as I enjoy creating the content.

Best wishes and love,

Daniella xox


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