Crystal Talk: Citrine & Orange Calcite






A couple of weekends ago, I went into to my local crystal shop, just wanting to have a little look around and also to check out what pieces of citrine they had stocked there. I had lost my own piece of citrine a couple of months ago and I have missed it and yearned for it every day since! See the piece of Citrine that I had, was a piece that has been with me for about ten years or so. I had it when I went through a bad relapse with my M.E and I know I shouldn’t feel so attached to a crystal but I felt a strong connection with that piece. Thankfully that day I went into the crystal shop I found a beautiful piece of Citrine to take home with me and even better they were having a 30% off sale and so I got a great deal. I know I should have just been happy with the money I saved and walked away but I thought to check out some of the smaller, polished crystals in case any were going cheap enough and spend the money I had saved on the citrine on one of those. I could feel a pull towards a crystal in the shop but nothing I picked up felt quite right. I left the shop and as I left I caught sight of some Orange Calcite but continued to walk away. We went for some lunch and the orange calcite wouldn’t leave my thoughts. After we were done eating and were walking back to the car, I spotted a big piece of orange calcite in a shop window (I should mention this a different shop to the crystal one I speak of) and I thought to myself I need to go back to the crystal shop and at least see how much a piece was! Turned out the price was more then fair and I couldn’t resist and so I bought myself a piece.

It seems I had strong connection to these colours that day, which must mean something. Both the stones have amazing healing properties and I will share a few general ones and then link to some websites that I personally find to be a great source of crystal information.


Citrine is often known or referred to as the stone of success and is said to help bring good luck and good fortune. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is great for clearing negative energy as well as being a good protection stone. It is a beautiful, positive and powerful stone that will help one let go of past upset and help you to move forward. I suffer with M.E and time and time again this stone helps me with my chronic fatigue symptoms. It is also said to be good for digestive issues and help with bad sickness.

Orange Calcite.   

One of the things I love about Orange Calcite is it’s incredible texture, that kinda looks a little like jelly. It is connected to the root and sacral chakra. It is helpful for any emotional or sexual issues. It’s beautiful bright energy will lighten up any of the lower chakras. This stone will help if you’re feeling lethargic and in need of a boost of some motivation. Calcite may even improve your intake of vitamins ( something I know I need help with and maybe this is why I was drawn to it). This stone is also great for depressive feelings.



Here are some sites that I love learning from.

Crystal Meanings & More 

Crystal Vaults

Healing Crystals

Note: Always check with a healthcare professional if you are in need of medical help.











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