The Wonderful Healing Of Nature



















I remember when I was a young girl, whenever my sister and I would stay with our grandparents, they would always ask if we wanted to come with them to walk the dogs. They live right in the countryside and have done ever since i’ve been alive. Going for long walks on the moors was literally the last thing I wanted do when I was little, it seemed so boring to me. Fast forward to present times and my opinion on going for walks and being with nature couldn’t be more different. I have truly connected with nature and how beautiful it is and how just going for a walk in it can do incredible wonders for the mind.

I started loving going on walks before we got our dog Koko last year  but since having him it has certainly helped in encouraging me in getting out in nature even more so. I am now a firm believer in the healing energies that can come when you submerse yourself into nature and whilst some may find it hard to believe in fairies and elementals, I myself have always believed in them, my mum enlightened me to them at a young age and it has always stuck with me. It is believed by many that the Fairies are the angels of nature (animals and pets too) and when you are amongst nature, we can ask and receive their beautiful healing and so I often speak to them (in my mind, sometimes aloud if i’m feeling comfortable enough) when I am on one of my walks and ask for their help and healing for whatever I need assistance with.

I don’t just speak to the Fairies but God, Jesus and my angels also, I find it so therapeutic, like I can get it all off my chest. Its like a form of prayer and I always feel better after prayer. Nature also reminds me of what is really important in life, as often stresses from home life can seem big in our minds and being amongst nature creates space and distance between ourselves and the stresses and worries, which can be a great reminder (or for myself at least) that the problem isn’t all that big and that it’s just become magnified because of our surroundings.

Whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed or facing a confrontational situation, I try and take myself and Koko for a walk, it calms me right down and brings me the sense of clarity that I need. I took these photo’s one early morning on the later part of October, I wanted to take Koko out but I thought to myself that this time i’ll take my camera too and see if I’m inspired enough to take some photos and as you can see from today’s post, I was. These shots were taken near to the end of October and you may agree that nature can be just as beautiful this time of year as it can in the Spring. I felt so free, it was incredibly quiet that morning and I didn’t see a soul in sight, which is almost unheard  of where I live, there are usually many dog walkers around. It was just me, Koko and my camera and it allowed my imagination to run free, I imagined myself as some kind of explorer, who takes photos of her finds. I know it sounds crazy when saying it out loud but I believe its healthy to reconnect with childlike thoughts sometimes. Once I got home, it was back to being a grown up again and I did the dishes. 😉

Love and light to you and wishing you all a lovely week,

Daniella xox














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