Colouring In With Angels














Being an aunty of two beautiful little boys means that colouring in, is an activity I take part in often. If you have kids or spend a lot of time with children, you’ll understand how I feel when I say that i’m always grateful when they want to do colouring because as much as I enjoy getting shot in the face with a nerf bullet, actually being able to sit down calmly and colour is so much more enjoyable.


I found that more and more I was looking forward to colouring in and yes because it meant spending time with my nephews but also because I found the colouring in really uplifting. Then back in July for my birthday my sister bought me some colouring pens and a unicorn colouring book (not pictured) and ever since I have found great pleasure in the simple task of colouring. I’m not very good and I don’t have the best pens to colour with but it’s really not about that, it’s about just letting your mind wonder whilst taking part in something that is weirdly and unexpectedly therapeutic.

I guess it brings out the inner child in oneself, a part of us that we all to easily neglect. I find it reconnects with me the idea that you don’t always have to do something for a gain of some kind, as sometimes it’s  okay and good to just do it for the lighthearted fun of it, the kind of fun we would experience when we were children.

This beautiful colouring book by the amazing Doreen Virtue was also bought for me by my sister. It’s so perfect as it has both lovely pictures to colour and enlightening messages to read. I love colouring in this book, in fact writing about it has me wanting to go and do it, so I think I just might.

Have you tried a colouring book? There are so many adult ones out there now, maybe you should give it a try.

Love and light,

Daniella xox







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