New Crystals: Celestite & Rainbow Moonstone.




A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I celebrated nine years together and for my gift to Conan (boyfriend) I gave him some money towards a new wetsuit so that he could finally get out and do some surfing. For his gift to me, I was allowed to go into my favourite crystal shop in our town and pick any crystal I liked. Kid in a candy shop sums up that experience! As you can imagine, I was a little overwhelmed but thankfully I had a dream a couple of nights before about going to the crystal shop and in that dream I was looking at a crystal display that consisted of pink crystals and blue crystals. When we went into the shop a couple of days after the dream, I didn’t mean to but I found myself stood at the crystal cabinet that was filled with mainly pink and blue crystals and I knew then, it was from that cabinet that I would find the crystal that I would be taking home with me.

For a while I had wanted a piece of Celestite and so when my eyes caught this beautiful cluster, I just instantly felt drawn to it. It now sits right next to my bed and I will treasure it always. I also picked up a piece of tumbled rainbow moonstone. I tried wearing moonstone years ago but I wasn’t ready for its power and so for a while I left it even though i’ve always felt a strong pull to the crystal, which is probably due to the connection it has with the moon and how my star sign is Cancer and our ruling planet is indeed the moon. I now believe i’m spiritually mature enough to handle the beautiful qualities that Moonstone has to offer and so far I have truly enjoyed having this enchanting stone in my life.

I am always drawn between small tumbled stones and big rough versions of the crystals. I like the little tumble crystals because they are lovely and effortless to hold, where the bigger, rougher crystals aren’t. But the un-tumbled crystals are so majestic to look at and seeing them in their more natural form is very special in my eyes. Do you have a preference?

I have to say that I have found it a little harder to get information about Celestite and I couldn’t find anything about it on my usually go-to crystal site: Crystal But even so I have found a few good sites that have some helpful information. I will give a quick overview of both crystals and then I will direct you to some websites in case you would like to know more.


This beautiful crystal can sometimes be referred to as celestine and it is highly regarded with its divine connection to the Angels and the angelic realm. This is a great crystal for mediation as it’s connected to the crown chakra. It is said to be wonderful for recalling dreams so much so that will help pinpoint specific parts of a dream that may be beneficial to the dreamer. It can alleviate anxiousness and bring a more courageous attitude to those who work with this crystal. I keep reading that Celestite is a perfect stone for public speakers, as it helps nervousness and is connected to the throat. Celestine helps clear negative energies and help to restore balance to all the chakras. It is even said that Celestite is a lucky stone to keep. In terms of cleansing this stone, I have repeatedly that one should wrap it up in a some blue material and tuck it away in a draw. I put in the sun on the day I took it home with me, which on one site I read was okay to do but that doesn’t seem to be the general consensus.

Rainbow Moonstone:

Rainbow moonstone is highly connected to feminine energy, helping woman especially to recognise their unique feminine power that they possess. If you catch it in the right light, Rainbow moonstone has beautiful colouring, I often see blue tones in mine. It a spiritual stone, so this will aid those looking to really connect and enhance their psychic abilities. If you are a female and have quite masculine energies, working with this stone will help balance them out. If you are a male and suffer with anger issues then this stone may help with that too. Since we just experienced a strong full moon, I held my moonstone crystal a lot and I really felt that this helped in keeping me stable. Rainbow moonstone will really help you with getting in touch with your intuition and is mainly connected to the crown and third eye chakra. They say it can help with the reproductive system and with any hormone imbalances that one may suffer with.


I will now list some useful sites for further information 🙂 

HEALING CRYSTALS.COM (rainbow moonstone)

HEALING CRYSTALS FOR YOU.COM (rainbow moonstone)

CRYSTAL VAULTS.COM (rainbow moonstone)



BLISS RETURNED (celestite)






The opinions and beliefs are my own and if you should always consult a doctor if you are worried about any health concerns.


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